Hey, I’m Sus !

I’m a wedding photographer based in the beautiful island of Menorca. I believe that photography should be more than just pretty images, they should also be meaningful.

I’m a laid back, fun and creative guy.

I’m fascinated by how we as humans connect to each other, and I always look for new creative ways to show it. For me, the people who I work with are not just my clients – they are my inspiration.

Important note for you

Choosing the right photographer is more than just choosing someone to take photos of you on your wedding day. It has to be someone you can fully trust & feel comfortable to be your own self.

         No inhibitions, no pressure

My approach

Posing is overrated, isn’t it? I’m all about the raw, un-staged, meaningful moments captured in a timeless and clever way.

My style is moment driven / Non-traditional and artistic

Come and say hi!

I can speak Catalan, Spanish, English and Portugués.

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